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General Information

The main goal of AgroFossilFree is to create a framework under which critical stakeholders will cooperate to evaluate and promote the currently available FEFTS in EU agriculture.

The AgroFossilFree project will contribute to the High Level EU Strategies (i.e. EU Green Deal and Farm to Fork strategy) as it aims to decrease the use of fossil energy in any farming process from cradle-to-farm-gate, while maintaining yield and quality of the end-product.

AgroFossilFree will create an online “AgEnergy Platform” containing all available FEFTS in the form of easily accessible and comprehensive end-user material following the EIP-Service Point format.

The AgEnergy Platform will help you to answer the following questions:

  • What technologies are available?
  • Where to get them?
  • What will be the benefits (i.e. how much will the production increase or how much money will be saved)?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How to get financing for the investment?

The AgEnergy Platform will provide easy access to available FEFTS and allow you to interact with relevant stakeholders to express ideas and needs. As a stakeholder, you will be able to assess inventoried FEFTS and to rank the technologies according to your needs, relevance, applicability and feasibility. The AgEnergy platform will include a Decision Support Tool which will help you to choose the most effective FEFTS for the specific needs of your farm by ranking the most appropriate investments, providing you with the means to plan the needed investments effectively

The website of the project is

For further questions please contact:

This AgEnergy platform has been developed only by using published material from different open access sources. The main objective of the AgEnergy platform is to facilitate the dissemination of useful information for a better application of fossil-energy-free strategies and technologies (FEFTS), and has no any commercial or comparative purposes. If you do not agree with the dissemination of the information, please contact us at

Platforma AgEnergy

Projekt otrzymał finansowanie w ramach Programu ramowego na rzecz badań i innowacji Horyzont 2020, na mocy umowy grantowej nr: 101000496.

Niniejsza Platforma AgEnergy została zbudowana przy wykorzystaniu jedynie opublikowanych materiałów, pochodzących z ogólnodostępnych źródeł. Głównym celem Platformy AgEnergy jest ułatwienie upowszechniania cennych informacji, które umożliwią w szerszym zakresie wprowadzanie strategii i technologii wolnych od paliw kopalnych (FEFTS). Platforma AgEnergy nie służy celom komercyjnym ani porównawczym. Jeżeli nie życzysz sobie upowszechniania informacji w tej formie, skontaktuj się z nami

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